"People gravitate towards people that are knowledgeable and passionate." [Interview 14 - Keith]


Keith, owner and chief travel blogger of Lifestyle Travel Kit, is an online business owner, techie, and digital nomad. 

What is a digital nomad?

According to Keith, a digital nomad is someone who desires the freedom to work and live anywhere, and uses technology to make this desire a reality. In a thorough blog post, he introduces readers to the concept of digital nomad-ism and touches on several ways to become one -- from freelancing, to working remotely as a developer, to owning an online business or affiliate marketing, to name a few examples. 

We love Keith's blog because he doles out tons of practical advice and resources for people who wish to reshape their lifestyles centered around more travel, such as in Digital Nomad Tools - Essential Remote Work Apps & Services, as well as his Freelancer's Guide for Making Money on Upwork

Since he's got all the keys for embodying the term 'the world is yours,' we got in touch with Keith to find out a little bit more about how he does it and what his top tips are for how you can, too:


If you had 1 minute to tell your story -- what led you to this point and where you're headed from here -- how would you tell it?

After many years working in different businesses and returning to office work every few years, I finally decided the office was not for me. Even before I was ready I set out with a plan to make it work. Prior to being ‘location independent,’ I lived all over the world and did various different things for a living. The slow travel style suits me and I’ve continued that even as a location independent entrepreneur. I’m continuing to build my main business (marketing agency) while working on various projects that interest me. 


What skills did you tap into to allow you to effectively be location independent, full time? 

Networking is probably the most important skill to have, even more so than technical skills (unless you have a seriously in-demand skill set). I’ve done everything from IT system administration, restaurant management, personal training, writing, marketing, and web design. I used all of these skills to help me promote my business, network with business owners, and tackle problems with the benefits of experience in many fields of work.


What's the biggest financial shift you had to make to prepare for life on the road?

Preparing for inconsistent and unpredictable incomes. Make sure you can handle lean months and rejection. If you’re used to getting a salary, the shock of being dropped at the last minute and missing out on a big deal can be overwhelming. 


If you could offer one tip to someone looking to build more freedom into their everyday lives, what would it be?

Discuss your hobbies and interests with people, whether it be on a blog, forums, or meet ups. Try to find a way of linking your interests with an in-demand skill such as marketing, programming, design, or whatever you do. It’s a great way to leverage skills you have and it gives you a unique angle. People gravitate towards people that are knowledgeable and passionate.