Fuad Agoro on Online Advertising and Traveling the World [Interview 18]

Images courtesy of Fuad Agoro

Images courtesy of Fuad Agoro

I often talk about the power of travel communities that exist online via forums, apps, and social sites. These platforms make it more possible than ever to cultivate a global network of travel buddies. You easily meet friends who you can reunite with around the world for years to come — or at least for a fun night out in whatever new city you're visiting. 

That’s the kind of night Gabby and me were hoping to have on our trip to Bali last October.  We stepped out to link up with FuFu — who I 'met' thanks to one of those aforementioned travel platforms — and his friends for a birthday celebration. Our hotel hailed us a cab (because Uber is practically banned in Bali), but his navigation had us pulling up on some random street in the cut, and it was too dark out for us to see any house numbers. Neither of us had service, and our driver’s phone wouldn’t dial out, so we couldn’t make a call. We were straight up lost. We ended up chalking it up and turned right on around back to our hotel. 

Womp, womp. Sometimes the stars align, and sometimes they just don’t. That’s just how life goes. So Fu, next time we happen to find ourselves in the same country, we have to do it extra big, deal? Cool.


Who is this Fu, you guys ask? None other than the man you’re here to meet today. 

Fuad Agoro is a full-time traveling entrepreneur, vlogger, and fitness extraordinaire. He’s been living the dream, i.e. bouncing from penthouses in Colombia and villas in Bali for months at a time for the past 5 years, while running his business and educating people on how to work out from ANYWHERE in the world. He’s basically here to tell us we have absolutely no excuse not to stay in shape.

Check out FuFu’s story below (transcribed via voice messages) to learn how he started making money online, his biggest lifestyle challenge as a traveler, and his top 3 recommendations for finding your perfect clients:




KW: In 1 minute or less, what’s your story? How long have you been a location-independent entrepreneur, what kind of business you run, and why’d you start?

FA: Let's do these voice messages! 1 minute or less. Okay. Soo, I've been a location independent entrepreneur since the summer of 2013. The kind of business I run, I do Facebook marketing campaigns for small companies. And why did I start? I started because my brother was doing it, and I saw the amazing life he was able to live doing it, and I thought "I wanna do the exact same thing." I've always pretty much followed my brother's lead when it comes to business. Like he's been doing this stuff online since he was like 13/14, and I've always been helping him out, and working with him. So it wasn't too hard of a decision for me to make to do that.

I don't know if you wanna know the basic stuff...  so I was born on January 28, 1990 [laughs], in London, England, right across from Big Ben. You know, the big clock that's in London for anyone that doesn't know. And I grew up in England with my foster parents until I was 5, almost 6 years old, and then my real mom took us to Chicago. We lived out there with a bunch of family until she got her own spot. I grew up in Chicago suburbs until I was about 21, then I went off to university. I did 3 years at a junior college, went to university, graduated, got my bachelor's in marketing... and pretty much right after that is when I started traveling.


How did you learn about making money online? With all the different online avenues (affiliate marketing, drop shipping, blogging etc) how did you choose your niche?

How I learned about making money online was through my brother. He started off online doing stuff on Ebay. He used to sell diet pills, he used to buy stuff from the dollar store and flip it, like Sonic the Hedgehog toys and all that different stuff. Diet pills were really big back in the day. He used to sell 'em to England, getting the pounds, but would buy 'em at [lower] American prices.

I just learned about all these, like affiliate marketing, drop shipping, and blogging as the years continued. I haven't really fully made money doing any of these. I guess affiliate marketing, I have. But yeah, just working online doing Facebook ads you just get to know these things. I guess I do blog,  too. Not in a big way. Just being in the industry you just learn all these niches. And like I said picking wasn't hard because it was what my brother was doing.


What 3 top tips would you give someone on how to attract their ideal clients?

I guess #1 is just being authentic and showing what you can do. Because in the industry of marketing and especially Facebook marketing, you have to have great content that people want to engage with and see. A lot of people when they do their ads, they just put the ad out, like "come buy this, there's a sale," or "look at my great stuff, come check out my website." But no one really cares, no one's on Facebook to go shopping. People are on Facebook to interact with their friends, to see their family, that's why they're there. Maybe they wanna see some funny videos as well, or something they're gonna learn from. They're not trying to be sold to. So when you have good content, that's when people will be more engaged with you and more likely to buy from you. 

Number 2 would have to be showing the results that I've helped produce in the campaigns that I'm running. 'Cause a lot of times it's a lot better than what most people are used to seeing when they're doing Facebook ads. I mean, I've been doing Facebook ads for like... 5 years nows? Yeah 5 years or so. So just being in the game, I've seen the changes that come along.

And I guess the third one would be making a great connection and relationship, knowing how to talk to people. Like instead of saying "hey, can you pay me this," or "I want this," it's finding out what THEY want and finding out if you're able to help them with that. Cause at the end of the day that's all that really matters. 


What's the biggest sacrifice you make to live your ideal lifestyle?

The biggest sacrifice I have to make to live my ideal lifestyle of traveling is not being able to see my family and my friends as much. I mean with family it's definitely that way, but with friends, I make so many different friends around the world that I see in different places.

For example, right now I'm in Panama City, Panama. Me and my brother met this guy Leo, really cool dude. I forgot how we first met him, but he ended up staying with us when we went to the Carnival out here. And then we were just with him again...he went to my brother's marketing event in London... and then I just seen him again for the first time in years in Bali. We were just chilling together, working together. There's just so many other people that I've met around the world that I see in other places. It's amazing.

But yeah I guess like, seeing my mom, or my two moms, and my dad...my cousins, aunties, uncles... I only see them when I go to certain places, I think that's the biggest sacrifice. As well as like not having a permanent home, or a car or anything...but those I can definitely live without, for now.  

Find FuFu online and check out his Workout/Nutrition/Travel Guide here:

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