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"Figure out what your niche is and own it." [Interview 13 - Emily]

At only 22 years old, Emily de Sousa is creating a remarkable impression on the world as an ocean activist, freelance writer, travel vlogger, AND environmentalist student. Also cementing herself as a public speaker, she recently delivered a TedX talk on how we can save our oceans! Our youngest guest yet featured in the LITT interview series, Emily makes me wish I'd accomplished a bit more than partying during my free time throughout my undergrad years.  

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"Whenever you structure life in a non-traditional way, there will be haters. F the haters. That's my advice." [Interview 09 - Alexis Lamb]


Alexis' blog, The No-Pants Life, shows us that "you can make a nice living, and importantly, architect a great life -- all while working in just your underpants." Since architecting this life outside of office walls, she's visited over 30 countries, ran marathons, became a published writer of both fiction AND non-fiction, spent more precious time with her parents, and has done business around the world as a remote recruiter, just to name a few highlights.  

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"Hiring a virtual assistant has been the best decision early on." [Interview 07 - Melody]

A former website designer who built her first website at age 12, Melody Thomas is now inspiring thousands of people of color to work from anywhere in the world through her platform Black Digital Nomad. Her mission is to show you how to create a location independent lifestyle that gives you the freedom to travel the world and live life on your own terms.

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