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Ashley Edokpayi: 12 Cities in 12 Months with Remote Year [Interview 22]

Ashley Edokpayi spent all of 2017 traveling the world for 1 month at a time through a program called Remote Year. Everyone who participates has their own thing going on – their own remote jobs, businesses, projects, etc. – but they come together as one big travel tribe and spend the year experiencing completely new ways of life. 

Ashley's group spent portions of the year in 12 countries (plus several side trips) across South America, Europe, and Asia. Thanks to great timing, we got to hang out in both KL and Chiang Mai! I so enjoyed hearing about her exciting adventures around the globe as she rounded up her last few months in Remote Year. 

Wanna know what it's like to spend a year globe-trotting? Read Ashley's vivid story below and learn what she loved most about each city; how she found a remote job that allowed her to continue traveling instead of having to return home; and how she managed to get work done in between all the flights and adventures: 

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