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"One word of advice: Less bottle popping and more country hopping!"  [Interview 12 - Ced]

An explorative teacher who’s already traveled to over 20 countries in just 3 years since obtaining his passport, Ced’s making his mark by inspiring people with his authentic stories and photos from his adventures around the world. Below, he shares about taking the leap to change his life, the power of social media, and how he wants to make a lasting impact.

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"If your marketing is mismatched with your ideal client audience, you're going to struggle." [Interview 10 - Michell]

It's clear Michell has fun shaping his online narratives and social micro-stories. But more than just humor, there's honesty. There's humility. There's no sugar coating what it takes to successfully pave your own lane as a modern-day influencer.  And across his platforms, he's narrating his highs, lows, and lessons learned along the way.

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