"It takes time to build relationships & trust. Show people you're here to stay." - [Interview 05 - Tali]


Talisa Lavarry, also known as Tali Love or the Pretty Brown Nomad, is a nomadic blogger & entrepreneur who hasn't looked back since trading her corporate desk and oh-so-fun (not) office politics to earn a living as a world-traveling, independent content creator. 

She's the first to admit her transition wasn't easy -- but she's here to show & tell you that if you want something bad enough, staying persistent, believing it's possible, and asking the right questions at the right time can allow you too to create and live the lifestyle of your dreams (whether or not it's your goal to travel). 

Tali's mission is to lead by example and help others who also despise Corporate America to break free and realize the potential of the booming digital era we live in. Below Tali shares insight on how she's carving out her freedom and how's she able to live on her own terms:


LN: If you had one minute to tell your story -- what led you to this point and where you're headed from here -- how would you tell it?

TL: While I was able to reach mid-level management in Corporate America and achieve and acquire a lot, I felt completely depleted and defeated as I struggled to climb the corporate ladder. I don't know how to play office politics, and while I can probably tell someone what moves to make in order to grow in that environment, I personally don't feel good making them myself. I simply wanted to work without all of that other stuff.

After a bizarre series of events that were completely out of my control, including losing my dream job twice within two years, I decided to stop trying to fit into a space that I didn't belong in.

I learned about the nomadic lifestyle, created a plan, took a leap and the rest is herstory. :)


You've been able to tap into your passions as a full-time career. How have you been able to find your ideal clients, and what'd be a tactical tip you'd offer someone who wants to do the same?

Being consistent and persistent. People hire people that they know, like and trust. You have to first show people that you are here to stay. Sending out a few emails saying "hey, hire me" isn't enough. It takes time to build relationships and trust. Once a potential clients see that you are authentic and in it for the long haul there will be a greater chance of them hiring you.


In your experience, what are the most rewarding and challenging aspects about traveling frequently & creating your own brand as you go? 

The most rewarding part is actually being able to align with people, places and things that I truly love. Travel being one of those loves, I am so grateful that I get to see what's going on all around the world. The challenge is the fact that I'm on my own and so many people have no clue what I'm doing. If one more person asks me when I'm going back to work, I'll scream. Lol.


What were the biggest mental and/or financial shifts you had to make before becoming a full-time traveling entrepreneur?

It's all about getting there mentally. I had to be okay with being a minimalist and putting experiences before stuff.

The biggest financial shift was being okay with letting go of my salary while taking a lot less money knowing that I could build a platform that would eventually take me well beyond my salary.

I talk a great deal about the mental shift that is necessary in this video:  


Connect with Tali via her site (Pretty Brown Nomad), and check out her guides for jumpstarting your nomadic lifestyle and combatting your fear of traveling solo.