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The Basics


→ What is LITT Nomads?

LITT Nomads is a 6-month experience that brings together 30-50 carefully selected professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and lovers of life who are compelled to create and relentlessly pursue the life of their dreams.

While living, working, growing, and exploring in Chiang Mai, Thailand, LITT participants will level up in various areas and build passion-driven lifestyles together within a supportive community.

LITT is designed to help you :

  • Succeed at working remotely and/or growing an online business
  • Develop professionally & personally (your career, character,etc.)
  • Nurture your health and insert wellness into all that you do
  • Strategically set & attain your goals
  • Become an expert traveler, nomad, and student of the world
  • Meet interesting people of diverse backgrounds, develop lifelong relationships, and build a network of dope, dedicated individuals
  • Collect experiences and memories that will serve you for a lifetime
  • Feel empowered, fearless, and confident in all of your life's pursuits

Wondering what LITT stands for? Get to know us a bit more here.

→ Who joins LITT Nomads?

LITT Nomads is for individuals who dream of exploring the world, living abroad, and sustaining a well-balanced life of work, wellness, travel, and play. They seek to trailblaze a life of fulfillment and fun, and are thrilled by the world's endless possibilities. They're dedicated to their career mission and believe work should be both impactful and enjoyable. LITT Nomads know they can achieve everything they want through constantly improving themselves, consistently taking action, and conquering all their fears.

Current LITT applicants range in age from 25-45, hailing primarily from the U.S. They hold jobs such as UX Designer, Freelance Tech Writer, Project Manager, iOS Developer, Marketing Consultant, and Agency Entrepreneur.

→ Why should I join?

  • You'll get a built-in inclusive community to travel, work, and grow with. We value representation and creating a safe space for you to be yourself, regardless of age, race, sexuality, job, or background.
  • You'll save a ton of your precious time by having all the logistics worked out for you: finding a great place to live, places to work, things to do, travel arrangements, and so much more.
  • You'll connect with the local community authentically and non-intrusively through relationships we've built with native business owners, guides, non-profit leaders, and neighborhood friends.
  • Want to level up and boost your chance of completing your goals? That's why we're here. We're going to have a blast exploring and supporting each other in reaching new heights in our lives.

→ What's the program cost?


The full 6-month LITT Nomads program investment is $13,100 -- including a $500 registration fee (once you've applied and been accepted) and $2,100 monthly. There is an additional, refundable $2,100 security deposit required up front that is returnable within 15 days of the program end date.

LITT Nomads promises to deliver you a premium experience. The cost accounts for the many facets of this program, including legal fees, covering online costs and overhead, scouting & booking all locations and venues, flights & hotels in neighboring countries, and refining the program material (workshops, excursions, guest speakers) so that you receive the utmost value throughout your 6 months.

We have high standards for acccomodations and can ensure you'll enjoy your stay in comfort. The costs also account for hiring professional and experienced staff who will be working around the clock to make sure you're getting the most from the program.

LITT Nomads is an investment in your growth and in lifetime experiences. We're committed to making sure you're well taken care of -- our goal is that this transformational program will leave each and every person happy and closer to the life you imagine.

→ What's included?

We provide the structure, support, community, and expertise of a program led by seasoned experts so you can feel confident enough to take the leap, without having to worry about out the logistics. We take care of securing your housing, finding your tribe, and planning a schedule of events and excursions - so you can focus on your goals and having an experience a lifetime.


• Accomodation in a comfortable, safe apartment or shared villa with a private bedroom. A place you'll easily be able to call 'home.'

• Co-working space with 24/7 access and high-speed Wifi.

• Mastermind sessions and skill-building workshops based on your personal and professional goals.

• Community events & get-togethers, panels led by charismatic experts who love what they do, meetups, networking mixers and epic parties.

• Monthly excursions: Immersive experiences, such as cooking classes, Muay Thai, and volunteering opportunities led by our local partners.

• Flights & hotel accomodations for 3 side trip retreats to Indonesia, Vietnam, and .

• Visa extension fees once in Thailand.

• A passionate, inspiring, and creative community of 30-50 professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent contractors, and solopreneurs that you’ll learn from while exploring the globe.

• Coaching and guidance prior to and during your LITT Nomads journey -- on transitioning to a remote working arrangement with your current employer, preparing for life abroad, staying on track with your work-life-play goals, and more.

Check out a typical month's schedule here.

What's Not Included?

  • Flights to/from Chiang Mai.

  • Meals. There will be a few group meals per month included in the program, but you are responsible for covering all your own food costs outside of those. Luckily, delicious meals only run US $2-$7 on average in Chiang Mai!

  • Your personal spending money for shopping, and any additional activities/trips that are not included in the program.

→ Are there any ways to reduce the cost?

You bet. You can receive a $350 program credit for every friend you refer who becomes a LITT Nomad.

Are you a content creator? You can save up to $300 per month on the program cost by partnering with us to create written or visual content for LITT Nomads.

→ What makes LITT Nomads different from other live/work abroad programs?

• Our emphasis on providing you an enriching, enlightening, and exhilarating opportunity to level up. We pay attention to your values -- your courageous commitment to travel, personal growth, and professional development -- and deliver accordingly in each area of this program.

Community. LITT participants are carefully selected to maintain a culture of positivity, solidarity, productivity, and fun-tivity. (Did we just make up a word? Yes -- you do what you want when you poppin'). This experience is all about you and the people you'll share it with, and our selection process ensures this community functions as a family.

Program structure. Similar live/work abroad programs spend only 1 month in a city, or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, 12 months in 12 cities. 1 month isn't quite long enough to give you a truly immersive transformation -- and 12 months of constant hopping around adjusting to new homes can easily lead to traveler's fatigue (making it hard to form new habits and maintain a productive routine). LITT's 6-month program is an ideal experience.

Diversity. Another key thing that sets LITT Nomads apart is our relentless commitment to creating a safe space in this emerging lifestyle sector for people of color -- which we've noticed that other programs disappointingly lack. Representation matters. We're intentional about serving talented individuals from minority backgrounds as participants and team members. We're for the culture.

→ Why 6 months?

Lifestyle transformation takes time. This program is catered for people who are committed to the process and the bold move of defining a new reality. 6 months allows ample time to develop new habits, new routines for success, and clarity in how you want to live your life.

→ Why Chiang Mai?

• Chiang Mai is a digital nomad hotspot, where thousands of nomads continue to return for months at a time. By being immersed in this environment, you'll gain first-hand experience and the opportunity to connect with tenured digital nomads and travelers-for-life who seek the same things -- freedom and fulfillment; culture and community.

• Chiang Mai is quite an easy place to make a life transition. It offers everything from the practicality of coworking spaces and cafes, convenient accomodations, an attractive cost of living, great year-round weather, and freaking amazing food, to the serenity of beautiful scenery and landscapes, and the comforts of nearly any modern-day convenience you can think of.

• Its relaxed atmosphere makes for the ideal place to focus on you without the big city hustle & bustle. You can escape the normal forever-busy pace many of us are accustomed to living, while still having plenty to do and see. Chiang Mai is big enough to keep you entertained (for far longer than 6 months, even) yet small enough to easily navigate and make yourself at home.

• Chiang Mai, Thailand, is located in the heart of Southeast Asia, and from here you can easily visit other Thai destinations and close-by countries like Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam.

• To put it simply, Chiang Mai is the bomb. We can't wait for you to see for yourself.

→ Is it true that Chiang Mai is a very safe place to live and visit?

Chiang Mai is rated as one of the safest cities in the world. Crime against foreigners is extremely rare, and you'll likely never feel intimidated or afraid for your safety. Men and women alike can freely and comfortably walk around at day or night and feel totally safe.

Of course, we encourage you to be aware of your surroundings and keep your wits about you no matter where you go -- even while in your own home city.

Program Essentials


→ Where will I be living?

We provide a few housing arrangement options for you to choose from:

  • A: A private room in a shared Chiang Mai villa-style home near the city center.
  • B: A private room in a two or three bedroom apartment within the city center
  • C: A private one bedroom apartment within the city center (+$200/month).
  • D: Options B or C, 10-15 mins outside of the city center (for those who prefer more quiet surroundings).

We don't skimp when it comes to accomodations. Each option is pre-scouted for comfort, safety, convenience, and tested for high speed wifi.

→ Can I choose to live alone or with roommates during the program?

Yes. You can choose whether you’d like to live by yourself (at an additional $200/month) or be paired with other LITT participants based on living preferences, interests, and goals. (You’ll have the chance to e-meet each other and potentially choose your housemates before the program starts.)

By living with fellow Nomads, you can help hold each other more accountable, conduct your own personal think-tanks and masterminds, and develop even stronger bonds.

You are guaranteed a private bedroom with each option.

→ What will I learn?

  • The logistics of working abroad (managing time zones, sticking to your work schedule, money management and taxes)

  • How to master your mindset, with tactics and habit-building fundamentals for optimal productivity

  • Keys for developing and maintaining a smart health, fitness, and wellness regimen while traveling

  • How to strategically set goals. How to map out your goals across different categories of your life; create an organized, realistic plan of achieving them; structure your days to reach those goals; etc.

  • Skills in successfully working remotely; attracting your ideal freelance clients; and/or growing an online based business

  • How to craft your personal narrative to stand out and attract your dream job and/or your dream clients

  • How to find and build your tribe wherever you are

  • Networking, emotional intelligence, and people skills -- how to build relationships with individuals from around the globe

  • You choose. The LITT program schedule is “living and breathing” and ever evolving to deliver what you need most.

→ I can explore on my own, right?

For sure! You're always welcome to create your own schedule as well as book your own adventures and side trips. This program is about facilitating freedom; you're encouraged to both participate in as many group activities as you like, and to take as much quality time to yourself as you like.



→ I don't work remotely yet, but I would love to. Can I still apply?

Yes, you're welcome to apply even if you don't yet work remotely. We can help you set up a remote work arrangement with your current employer (see question below). Most participants will be working throughout the program -- whether it's remote work with theirr current employer, freelance/contract work, or running their own business.

→ Will you help me find a remote job, start an online business, or secure freelance gigs prior to the program?

  • For employees: We provide 1-on-1 guidance to accepted applicants on creating a remote-work arrangement proposal for your employer/upper management. We can not however, work 1-on-1 with you to help you find a remote job.

  • For aspiring online entrepreneurs: The program includes workshops & guidance dedicated to helping you grow your business. We do not provide 1-on-1 help beforehand with starting an online business.

  • For freelancers: The program includes workshops dedicated to helping you succeed as an online freelancer. We equip you with our favorite resources for securing freelance work online, however we do not help you find freelance gigs or contracts before the program.

(Note - as a participant, you should already have a sufficient source of income to fund the entire program. It is designed to help you level up skills to grow your already existing income source(s).)

→ Where will I be working?

You'll have 24/7 access to coworking space with super solid wifi in a convenient part of Chiang Mai. You can also choose to work from dozens of cafes and coffee shops spread all over town.



→ What's the application process?

  • Apply. If your application is successful, you'll be invited for a Skype interview within 10 business days. You'll complete a questionnaire to assess your goals for the program and note any questions you'd like us to answer during our interview.
  • Interview. After the interview, you'll know within 10 business days if you've been accepted into the program.
  • You're in! If you've been notified of your acceptance -- congrats! You'll have two weeks to send your signed Participant Agreement and your $500 registration fee. This non-refundable fee secures your spot in the program.
  • Submit your security deposit. You'll have another 2 weeks to submit your refundable $2,100 security deposit. You will receive this deposit back within 15 days of the program's end date, pending no damages to your home/apartment.
  • Receive your pre-departure welcome package. You'll receive your welcome packet which includes:
    • Visa and border entry requirements
    • Medical and travel insurance information
    • Packing and 'what to bring' list
  • Submit your first month's payment by June 1, 2018. Each month's $2,100 payment is due no later than a month in advance.
  • Receive your LITT Nomads Program Itinerary and Chiang Mai Digital Nomads Guide prior to your departure to ensure you have a smooth preparation & transition.
  • Kick off your adventure and join us in Chiang Mai! We can't wait to meet you!

→ Can couples, partners, or friends join together?

Yes, indeed! Couples and partners who plan on sharing a bedroom can receive a $300/month discount on the LITT Nomads monthly rate (costing $1,800 per person rather than $2,100).

For friends: You can receive a $350 program credit for every friend you refer who becomes a LITT Nomad.

If you'd like to live with someone in particular, please specify their name in your application.

Couples, friends, and partners must all submit individual applications.

→ Can I participate in LITT Nomads with my children?

Yes, you can participate in LITT Nomads and bring your children along to Chiang Mai, however, all the program events included are strictly for adults only. Your childrens' expenses must be covered separately. Private familial accommodations cost an additional $200+/month depending on number of bedrooms needed. We do not provide any child care -- you will be responsible for the care of your children at all times.



→ When does the LITT Nomads program start?

The program is from July 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018.

→ What steps can I take to prepare for LITT Nomads, financially?

  • Create a savings plan.
    • Open a new account called "I'm Outta Here" and feed it weekly or monthly.
    • Determine your goal $ amount. Calculate how much you'll need for your investment overall (including flights to/from Thailand). We estimate $500-$1,000/month is more than enough to budget for your additional costs (food, shopping, additional travel/activities). Feel free to ask us how much any specific things typically cost in Chiang Mai.
    • Assess your income vs. your expenses; your needs vs. wants -- see how everything stacks up. Be clear about your priorities. Figure out what you can reduce.
    • Detail how you'll accomplish your savings goal and commit to it.
  • Reduce your expenditures & simplify your life.
    • Adopt a minimialistic mindset
    • Spend less on lunch and going out
    • How about homecooked meals instead of happy hours with friends?
    • Cut back on the Starbucks
    • Reduce or eliminate your car usage (utilize public transportation if you can)
    • Cut your cable
    • Reduce your utility bills (shorter showers, turn off lights you don't use...)
    • Do less luxury
    • Stop buying new clothes and shoes
  • Sell what you don't need.
  • Earn extra income. (Get started on that side hustle and set aside your profits in your new savings account.)
  • Plan to rent out your home or sublet your apartment while you're traveling with LITT Nomads.

We love MyFabFinance's tips on reducing monthly expenses and increasing your salary.

→ How can I overcome possible resistance from my family and friends?

We believe the most important thing you can do is to create a phenomenal life for yourself. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the 'radical' idea of moving across the world to pursue a dream -- and we know that some people even discourage it.

We've been there. Our loved ones may mean well, but we can't let others' fears affect our urge to take a leap.

We suggest explaining that:

  • You'll be living in a very safe city, no need to worry.
  • You'll be meeting and forming bonds with amazing people who are all looking out for each other.
  • You'll be exploring the world and seeing things in person that you typically only see in magazines -- who can deny that?
  • You'll experience a sense of freedom that every day life often feels like it holds you back from.
  • You'll be learning how to maximize your potential and set yourself up for success on your own terms.

Often times, you just have to go for it and let your transformation speak for itself. You weren't put on this earth to spend it thinking "what if?". They'll come around when they see you living your best life!

You May Also be Wondering...


→ Can I join for less than 6 months?

Yes. You can join for 3, 4, 5, or the full 6 months. Just let us know during your application process how long you plan to participate.

→ What happens after the program ends?

After the LITT Nomads Chiang Mai experience ends, you can continue traveling the world or living in Thailand on your own, or return back home if you wish. Our goal is that you'll feel more equipped than ever to score opportunities that are aligned with your newly developed goals. We'll provide you with the tools, knowledge, and network to help you achieve them -- though we'll leave it up to you implement what you've learned.

You'll have more clarity about what you want and what your story/superpower is, and possess a newfound excitement for life. Perhaps you'll go on to find your dream job, run your business full time, or simply take a new approach to balancing your work and your life.

The community will be everlasting -- you'll have a network of people with various skills to tap into and a new group of friends worldwide. We encourage you to keep in touch and build on the experiences you've created together as LITT Nomads.