Embark on a bold, 6-month adventure abroad in defining your lifestyle as a digital nomad, global professional, and freedom seeker.


Join LITT Nomads in the heart of Southeast Asia


Create a life you’re 100% thrilled to lead, day in and day out. Cement your purpose and pursue your dreams within a community of go-getters who aim to achieve the utmost fulfillment and fun from life.

LITT Nomads combines the essentials of work, travel, and wellness, against the beautiful backdrop of Chiang Mai, Thailand, into a program designed to help you master your lifestyle. 


What's Included?

We handle the logistics. You focus on you.

LITT Nomads provides the structure, support, community, and expertise of a program led by seasoned experts so you can feel confident enough to take the leap, without having to spend time worrying about logistics.  We take care of securing your housing, finding your tribe of likeminded people, and planning a schedule of events and excursions - so you can focus on your goals and having an experience of a lifetime. 

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Seminars + Workshops 






Work Space


Weekend Retreats


What You'll Experience



Make yourself at home in a comfortable, safe Chiang Mai apartment or villa with a private bedroom, super-solid wi-fi. You'll have convenient access to delicious cafes, markets, and coffee shops. 



Co-working Space

Have 24/7 access to a co-working office that allows to stay on top of your work schedule with speedy and reliable Internet. Work among a diverse group of freedom-lovers who are committed to productivity. 



The community is what makes this experience so incredible. Participants are passionate, inspiring, and creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. You'll learn from, exchange ideas with, and elevate your lives with some of the most fascinating individuals. There's nothing better than being surrounded by like-minded people who are thrilled by life and ready to take on the globe!



You'll get monthly excursions and activities led by local Chiang Mai guides, selected and organized to help you receive an immersive experience in the culture. These activies are the best adventures Chiang Mai has to offer.

Journey around Southeast Asia with 3 weekend getaway retreats -- flights and accommodations included. Destinations include Bali, Vietnam, and Malaysia.


How You'll Grow

Develop your relationships, professional skills, and personal growth goals with weekly workshops, power sessions led by industry experts, mastermind groups, and networking events -- along with a few epic parties along the way.


Personal + Professional Development Series

A series of personal and professional development events led by industry experts & experienced digital nomads will teach:

  • The logistics of working abroad (managing time zones, sticking to your work schedule, money management and taxes)

  • How to master your mindset, with tactics and habit-building fundamentals for optimal productivity

  • Keys for developing and maintaining a smart health, fitness, and wellness regimen while traveling

  • How to strategically set goals. How to map out your goals across different categories of your life; create an organized, realistic plan of achieving them; structure your days to reach those goals; etc.

  • Skills in successfully working remotely; attracting your ideal freelance clients; and/or growing an online based business

  • How to craft your personal narrative to stand out and attract your dream job and/or your dream clients

  • How to find and build your tribe wherever you are

  • Networking, emotional intelligence, and people skills -- how to build relationships with individuals from around the globe

Mastermind Sessions

Many of world's successful individuals swear by mastermind groups. A mastermind is, by definition, "the coordination of knowledge and effort of people who work toward a definite purpose in the spirit of harmony."

In groups of 5-6 fellow Nomads with similar goals, you'll be able to brainstorm, provide and receive feedback, have accountability and support, and generate new creative ideas within an intimate group setting. Not only will these mastermind groups help you think bigger, but you'll also feel the heartwarming satisfaction of being able to help others achieve their goals as well.

Networking Events 

Meet, mix, and mingle with the Chiang Mai digital nomad community at casual networking mixers organized for you to have some fun, see new some faces, and form relationships with fellow professionals and creatives.


Learn from various experienced digital nomads at panel discussions that will be hosted throughout the LITT Nomads program.




A typical month in LITT Nomads

Week 1Group BrunchProfessional Development EventPersonal Mastery SeminarTeam-BuildingYoga/Fitness
Week 2Mastermind SessionGroup Lunch + ExcursionNetworking MixerYoga/Fitness
Week 3Volunteering OpportunityGoal Setting WorkshopSkill-Sharing SessionYoga/Fitness
Week 4Mastermind SessionThai Cooking ClassLITT Kickback Party (or depart for Weekend Retreat to Bali)Yoga/Fitness

You're braver than you think. 


Applying & Onboarding


Program Dates

May 1 - October 31, 2019

Total Investment

  • $2,100 per month + $500 one time registration fee = $13,100. 
  • Refundable $2,100 security deposit required.


Submit your application. If successful, you'll be invited for a Skype interview within 10 business days. You'll receive a questionnaire to assess your goals for the program and note any questions you'd like us to answer during our interview.


We'll schedule a Skype interview for that week. After the interview, you'll know within 10 business days if you've been accepted into the program.

You're In!

If you've been notified of your acceptance -- congrats! We’re here to help if you need assistance making remote arrangements with your employer. We’ll lead you through a process of creating a case to upper management, outlining exactly what LITT Nomads is and how it benefits you and the company.

You'll have 2 weeks to send your signed Participant Agreement and your $500 registration fee. This non-refundable fee secures your spot in the program.

Security Deposit

You'll have another 2 weeks to submit your refundable $2,100 security deposit. You will receive this deposit back within 15 days of the program's end date, pending no damages to your home/apartment.

Welcome package

Receive your pre-departure welcome package. You'll receive your welcome packet which includes:

  • Visa and border entry requirements
  • Medical and travel insurance information
  • Packing and 'what to bring' list

All Nomads will have the opportunity to “meet” each other online in an exclusive group forum. We’ll also be there to answer your questions and help you prepare for your bold adventure!

Join us in Chiang Mai!

  • Submit your first month's payment by June 1, 2018. Each month's $2,100 payment is due no later than a month in advance.
  • Receive your LITT Nomads Program Itinerary and Chiang Mai Digital Nomads Guide prior to your departure to ensure you have a smooth preparation & transition.
  • Kick off your adventure and join us in Chiang Mai! We can't wait to meet you!