LITT Nomads Content & Social Marketing intern

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to LOVE what you do? And to be able to do it wherever you want in the world? ...while collecting one-of-a-kind lifetime experiences? ...and discovering more of who you really are and what you really desire in life? ...and creating a remarkable existence along with amazing, passionate people around the globe?

That’s what we help people achieve at LITT Nomads -- a remote work & international travel community focused on self-empowerment, well-being, and diversity/inclusion in digital nomad spaces.

As we gear up to launch our first program in May 2019, we’re on a mission to teach people how to create successful online-based careers & well-balanced lives that allow them to do more of what they love.

Whether it’s traveling more, spending more time with loved ones, working on projects they’re actually passionate about, or making more time for self-care, our goal is to help people put systems in place that maximize their flexibility and income to do so. Sustainable location-independence, or in other words -- FREEDOM, is the name of the game.

This internship is for digital marketing enthusiasts who want to learn more about reaching global audiences online through content creation, copywriting, sales funnels, and visual branding.  

You’ll receive weekly one-on-one training with our team. Our founder, Kristen, is a brand strategist and online marketing specialist who’s passionate about building meaningful, innovative businesses. You'll also learn from Aundrea, LITT's COO, who's an authentic storyteller, writer, and video/film producer whose strength is turning visions into visuals. 


We’re looking for a remote Content & Social Marketing intern who’s got:

- Writing superpowers. As the main owner of our social media profiles (Instagram and soon Facebook), you'll need to love crafting intriguing posts that help our target audience & make them want to sign up to our email list. You know how to use relevant hashtags and post across multiple accounts.

- An interest in remote work. You’re keen to skip the BS corporate life and instead live on your own terms as a remote employee, online-based freelancer, or entrepreneur who’s got more control over where and how you work and live. You’ll learn a ton about how to achieve that by working with us.

- Attention to detail. An extreme attentiveness to detail and organization is important. If you’re the kind of person that loves editing blog posts for friends and fixing minor grammatical errors, this is your jam.

- You must be visually inclined. You’ve got great taste and you get what’s relevant.


Your responsibilities will include:

  • Curating social media posts (images, animated text ads, and captions) and scheduling posts
  • Growing our social media audience on a weekly basis

  • Curating content for our newsletter & sending campaigns

  • Drafting our blog interviews with proper formatting

  • Creating blog images using our Canva templates

  • Finding and reaching out to potential interviewees

  • Seeking events, communities, conferences, and groups within our niche to align with

  • Seeking press and sponsorship opportunities

PS. We'll train you extensively on all of this!

How to apply

This internship is virtual (i.e. you can work from home in your sweatpants if you so desire), and requires 10-15 hrs per week.

If it sounds like a great opportunity for you, please answer the questions below and send your resume to no later than Sunday, March 18. For bonus points, you can instead record a 2-3 minute video introducing yourself and why this position is for you. No fancy editing required, we’d just love to see your personality shine through!

1. Why do you want to join the LITT Nomads team for this specific role? What makes it a good fit?

2. What’s your biggest life goal right now?

3. What does community mean to you?

4. What’s your favorite social media platform to use and why?

You'll be working with us, Kristen & Aundrea :)