Mastermind Mentality

A 'micro' experience series dedicated toward achieving open, helpful, purposeful, and fun peer-to-peer exchanges around our common goals.


"In all things, Kristen is both thoughtful and litt. Her mastermind sessions for LITTnomads are no different. Kristen deftly assembles just the right people to be in the room and manages the conversation in a way that reminds you that she is going through many of the same life design challenges as you are so you know you're in it together. Keeping it serious but light, conversations flowed naturally, laughs were had by all, and I left the event feeling not only fulfilled, but re-invigorated to work towards my goals and design my life." 

- Gabrielle H., The Reign XY



Chiang Mai, Thailand // January 14, 2018



Washington, DC // December 16, 2017

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